What is a Catalogue raisonné?

A Catalogue raisonné is the inventory and description of all the known artworks of an artist as well as their location. A Catalogue raisonné lists all types of an artist’s productions: paintings, graphic works, editions and multiples, digital works, etc. A Catalogue raisonné can be organized chronologically, thematically or stylistically.

How to create a Catalogue raisonné?

A Catalogue raisonné begins with the complete inventory of the artworks. To this will be added the documentation and the artist’s archives which will allow the artworks and their history to be described as accurately as possible. The most important information is exhibitions, bibliography and public auctions. In order to centralize this large quantity of information, the authors of Catalogues raisonnés use databases which allow the information to be stored and cross-referenced to gradually enrich the description of each artwork.

Why create an online Catalogue raisonné?

The creation of an online Catalog Raisonné makes it possible to promote the work of an artist, to strengthen their presence on the art market and to preserve the memory of their work. An online Catalog Raisonné is the best way to share knowledge of a work.

Who is an online Catalogue raisonné software for?

A tool to enable the creation of an online Catalog Raisonné is aimed at artists, artists’ families and rights holders. It is also aimed at museums, foundations and institutions wishing to manage a body of work. It is also an essential tool for collectors, art history researchers and experts.

What software should I use to create an online Catalogue raisonné?

For the creation of an online Catalog Raisonné, the use of InventoZen software stands out as one of the most advanced solutions on the market. InventoZen allows expert management of works, archives and documentation. InventoZen is an ergonomic and efficient platform, designed by experts from the art world. It is characterized by great ease of handling.

Why choose InventoZen?

Choosing InventoZen software allows you to manage your Catalog Raisonné online quickly, efficiently and in real time. InventoZen consists of a private management interface for your Catalog raisonné and a public interface intended for the publication of the Catalog raisonné. It has an ergonomic, easy-to-use platform and personalized support is offered to you. The InventoZen team offers training on all aspects of a Catalog Raisonné: methodology, archive management, etc. A wide range of services completes this offer: photographs, digitization of archives, file processing, migration of old databases, etc.