Albert Bitran

A painter and sculptor, Albert Bitran was a leading artist in the post-war art scene. Bitran’s rigorously constructed work endeavoured to achieve a synthesis of elements of form from geometric abstraction and the lyrical palette of ‘warm’ abstraction. His work is associated with the Lyrical Abstraction movement.

Sergio de Castro

Major 20th century Artist, Sergio de Castro brings together Latin American and European Cultures, creating his unique writing.

Loïs Frederick

A woman artist in the excitement of post-war Paris. Of American origin, over the years she has developed a powerful and colorful abstraction, between strength and poetry.

Jean Miotte

A Figure of modern art, Jean Miotte is a French painter: his personal abstraction places him on the border between informal art, tachism and lyrical abstraction.

Gérard Schneider

A major artist in the realm of Lyrical Abstraction, Gérard Schneider was a central figure in this new, free and gestural abstract movement that emerged in Paris in the immediate post-war period.